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For the love of baking September 14, 2012

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How do you introduce a baking blog? I feel like I’ve just been asked that dreaded interview question; “So, what can you tell me about yourself?” You want to wow the person, yet not come off as being full of yourself. Really, it’s no different here.

Why  did I decide to start a blog? Well, I want to share this baking thing that I get a kick out of and a blog seemed like the easiest way. Plus, when my baking, and especially my cakes, found their way to people other than me, I was asked for the recipe or simply how I managed to create the dish.

Finally, I can post pictures here, so in a way it helps me to keep track of my creations. If I know I’m going to be posting about a particular cake, I have to take pictures (not quite the same if you just talk about it). Normally, I would forget to take a picture and remember only after someone has taken the first bite, which doesn’t have the same effect at that point.

So I’m really excited to start building this site. But first, I’m going to bake a couple cakes not only to put up here, but to also celebrate my dear dad’s birthday.

Happy baking!

photo thanks to mmbapon at stock.xchng


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