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Pop some bubbly January 30, 2013

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First, I want to send my appreciation and a huge thank you to everyone that viewed and liked my post last week. I was absolutely floored by the response that little squirrel got!

This week my best buddy Krysti-Anna had the joy of turning 28 and on the 28th. Meaning? Champagne birthday! There was really only one way to celebrate; cake.

January 29, 2013 130

A lot of learning came with this cake. Such as the importance of making the bottle proportionate to the ice bucket. And taking more time to cut out numbers to make sure they’re both straight, and that I’ve cut off the blue I’ve used to outline the numbers.

There were a few really cool techniques I played with that turned out quite well, like the ice cubes. 100% sugar! They were made by boiling white sugar and white corn syrup and heating it to 260°F (hard candy stage) then pouring them into greased ice cube trays. I made two batches, the first one being the blue. I wasn’t sure how much food colouring to use and it seems I may have over compensated. The second batch wasn’t coloured and the sugar turned out a little yellow (naturally happens). Enter my dad and his brilliant idea; put all the “ice cubes” together in a metal pot and shake to break them up a bit. It roughed up the ice and made it more natural looking, plus left me with loads of “shaved ice”. Love it!

January 29, 2013 133

The bottle was made out of rice krispies and to cover that and the bucket, I tried a new kind of fondant. Made of marshmallow. That’s right. Those delightful fluffy balls of sugar that go over the camp fire. Super easy too! All I did was melt marshmallow in a pot, then take them off the heat and add equal parts of icing sugar. It can be rather frustrating when mixing since you just keep adding more and more icing sugar. Also, you will need to use your hands at one point. Take my advice; cover your hands in either shortening or (what I used for a bit of flavour) coconut oil. When I say cover, I mean COVER! Keep adding more icing sugar. Eventually it will look and feel like play dough.

One downside is that marshmallow fondant doesn’t have the same non-tacky quality as regular fondant which means you need to use a lot more icing sugar when rolling it out, otherwise it will stick to EVERYTHING!

I did play with a few of the final details by making a “custom” label and squishing the “seal” with the top of a wine bottle and adding the initials K.A. (for Krysti-Anna).

January 29, 2013 132

January 29, 2013 135

I have to admit, the foil top is not edible. Sad, I know, but I didn’t get a chance to track down gold dust, so gold foil had to do a stand in.

The best part was the delight on Krysti-Anna’s face when she saw the cake and the then said she didn’t want to eat it … it was too pretty.

That’s the beauty of making things that are edible; it forces you to live in the moment and enjoy things while they’re there. Everything, no matter what, has an expiration date. So while it’s around make sure to love it, drink it in, live in the moment and above all …



2 Responses to “Pop some bubbly”

  1. IRENA & dots Says:

    That was a hard work, but you did a very good job!

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