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Tag Team September 14, 2014

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I’d like to think that Eric and I do a pretty good job of tag team parenting, at least most of the time. We got to practice our skills the last couple weeks while everyone has been passing around the sniffles. Since sometimes a bit of cake makes everything better I practiced some of the techniques I learned in class.



I felt silly writing happy birthday, since it wasn’t anyone’s birthday at that point, so un-birthday it was!

We also got some super exciting news! No, not expecting another little one! We’re moving! To a little town called Churchill! For those not familiar, think edge of Hudson’s Bay where boreal forest ends and tundra begins. We will actually have polar bears in our neighbourhood! No word on exactly when we’re going because a few details have to get worked out (like how to ship our stuff) but I’ll keep everyone updated as much as possible. Oh yeah, did I mention we can’t drive? Railroad and plane are the only way in or out. Unless we hopped a York boat up the Red River …