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Who is this baker? September 14, 2012

Truth is, I’m an amateur baker at best. Before marrying my husband and learning many a cooking trick from him (who knew fish could be cooked and NOT dry as cardboard?), baking was the only thing I could do that anyone would eat at a pot-luck. Add some creative icing techniques and maybe sprinkles, and dessert becomes way more fun than the rest of the meal.

I live in B.C. where I’m a new mom and a slightly less new wife. Oh, we also live with one definitely not new cat.

UPDATE: Still baking (when I get the time) but not in B.C. unfortunately. We’ve moved to Manitoba since my husband was able to make an obscene amount of money which is helping to pay down our obscene amount of debt. We’re also living with my parents, our (almost two year old!) Ella, brand new daughter Ash and of course Jack the cat. It’s a lot of bodies for only 1100 square feet of bungalow and not an ideal situation, but it’s not permanent, so we may as we’ll make the most of it.

What I do know is that we are in for one awesome adventure and I feel it should be documented. What better way to do that than through this happy little blog?


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