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Time for some New Adventures! August 18, 2014

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So obviously I’ve been out of this blog writing and baking loop for a while. Like over a year kind of while. Oops!

Quick update on our little lives. I gained a new “job” last August as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (I know! Never would have thought it either!). I was super excited when I first signed up and my dear sweet Eric dampened it by announcing that we were moving in October … Back to Winnipeg.

still figuring out this blogging thing :-/

At that point I (very sadly) had to give up my job at the museum. Gah, still gets me. I freakin’ loved that job! But Mary Kay came with me to Winnipeg as did Eric, Ella and apparently the little fetus growing inside me. Yup, we’ve added to the family.

Meet Ash 🙂


Hmm. I think we can do better …


There we go!

Ella’s still her unique little self…


Oh, and I’ve decided to take a course! Nothing crazy like an actual school course but a decorating course! Not playing with icing was making me sad so I signed up for a Wilton decorating course and finished my first class today. Check me out!





It’s a two week condensed course so perfect for my attention span! I also cannot believe how EASY some of the techniques were! I have lots of icing and cupcakes left (as long as they’re not eaten) so I’m going to be practicing during the week. Got to hone my skills for the cake we’re decorating next week … No pressure!


family February 15, 2013

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