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What is this all about? November 21, 2012

Why am I writing this blog? Good question.

In one way, it gives me somewhere to keep my recipes and share them at the same time (I have a baking habit). But it’s more than that. These aren’t JUST recipes, they’re a form of therapy that’s healthy for me and my growing family. Baking, and especially dessert decorating, are a way for me to get away from the day to day rush. Having a new daughter with all sorts of demands makes it even more important for me to take some time and relax. Plus others benefit from me baking, so it’s a win-win.

I’m also (slowly) learning how to better use this thing called technology. Not only figuring out how to post things but getting the camera to take the kind of pictures I want to show here. Eventually it should all come together quite nicely!


UPDATE: We’ve gone through some major life changes in the last year (moved provinces, added to the family, ceased blogging while working a “real” job). I’ve also been asking myself some tough and deep questions like “what do I want?” Which I found is REALLY tough to answer! At least one of the answers to that is knowing that I want to write and through that create. Seeing as that’s part of the blogs name, only makes sense that I come back to this little space! Plus I have a functioning computer again, so that makes things a whole lot easier.


3 Responses to “What is this all about?”

  1. Love love love this blog!

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